ROCKER BOX GASKET Tri T140/TR7 & 650 71-74 sold each

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At Whites, we have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories designed and manufactured specifically for classic British motorcycles. These parts and accessories are perfect for your BSA, Norton or Triumph restoration or custom project. So dust off that Union Jack, pin it up on the workshop wall and get into it!

Our range of classic British gaskets are perfect for your BSA, Norton or Triumph. With everything from copper head gaskets to rocker box and carburetor gaskets, we have all you need to completely service your ride to get it back to new. Perfect for repairing oil leaks or when servicing various parts of the engine or carburetor.

Position: Rocker Box Gasket
Material: Wired Composite
Replaces OEM part: 71-2599 and E12599