Caberg Horus Scout helmet (Matt Black, Silver, Red)




CABERG - HORUS SCOUT (Matt Black, Silver and Red)

Horus is one of Caberg's latest flip front model helmets. Like all Caberg flipfront's it has dual homologation but the main point of difference with this model is the huge panoramic field of vision it offers both peripheral and down to the instrument panel. Caberg are showing once again the are one of the leading flip front helmet manufacturers in the world.

The chin guard of HORUS has rotatioal movement independent from the one of the visor allowing the chin guard to be much closer to the shell and reducing the head wind effect while riding with the chin guard open.
The design and technical features make the HORUS the ideal touring or commuting helmet. The outer visor, “PANORAMIC ULTRA-WIDE VISOR” , offers one of the best fields of view in its category due to the amplified visibility in the front(82°). This great feature allows the motorcyclist to be completely immersed in the surrounding environment and to considerably reduce the need for head movement while checking instruments or gps without losing the sight of the road ahead. HORUS is also equipped with an anti-fog Pinlock Max vision lens and an integrated sunshade DVT visor easily maneuverable with gloves.
The ventilation system offers optimal comfort even in the most extreme conditions thanks to an air front vent on the chin guard, one large adjustable air intake on top, two rear air extractors, built-in channels present in the inner shell, and breathable fabrics for the liner that is entirely removable and washable. It also has space for  microphone and speakers enabling most Bluetooth Communiction systems to be fitted.
Ventilation: Frontal air vent with anti-mist visor system, large top vent and two air extractors on the back.
Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL(White), Scout(Mt.Black,Silver,Yellow) M, L , XL, Scout(Mt.Black,Silver,Red) M, L, XL
Homologation: ECE 22.05 dual homologation as a full face & open face helmet.
Weight: 1630+/-50gr
Colours:  Metal White, Horus Scout(Mt.Black,Silver,Yellow) M, L , XL, Horus Scout(Mt.Black,Silver,Red) M, L, XL
Other: Cheek pads with glasses seating and Bluetooth recess

SKU: 10000-93

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