Resurgance Protective Plaid Shirt



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These super cool, casual look riding shirts feature our Pekev® light liner, the same used for our Pekev® Lite motorcycle jeans with a CE level 1, 5.21 second abrasion rating. A liner that offers exceptional light weight and ultra breathability.
A great casual style shirt with lightweight thermal padding and abrasion resistance, making it ideal as a short journey summer riding shirt or as an extra protective layer in the colder months. 60% of this garment is lined with Pekev® to give you ultimate slide protection where you need it. Pop button feature with a hidden zip for safety.

- Water and stain resistant Teflon® coating

- External and internal pockets

- Wash safe! No loss of protection

- Breathable, preventing heat buildup

-Triple line stitched seams

-Hidden armour pockets

-YKK zips provide proven quality

SKU: 10000-140

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