Monimoto7 GPS tracking device



Thinking about bike security?

Smart Motorcycle GPS Tracking devices from Monimoto

Monimoto7 arms automatically - when the key fob leaves your ride - approx 100ft, the tracker arms, ready to detect any movement.

- Detects movement
- Alerts you via phone
- Sends your bikes' location


DIY Device - easy installation - Batteries and eSIM card are included and ready to go

Battery powered - does not drain the bike battery. The wireless tracker's batteries will last for up to one year or more.

Water and Dust resistant - The IP65 rated

Calls your phone - Detects a theft attempt and calls your phone - all in approx. 50 seconds

Priced at $329 *includes 2 months free data connectivity

Data connectivity - 2 months free $79/year afterwards - pay via the App, by credit card or Paypal

SKU: 10000-262

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