So you have your learners licence, now what?

We have 1/2 day courses, max 4 riders, designed to support your transition onto the road, safely.  Cambridge, Waihi, Rotorua

Learner riders

Basic Handling Skills - New Riders, Novice Riders, Assessments $90

Rotorua Sunday 11th April

Rotorua Sunday 25th April (PM only)

Cambridge Sunday 18th April

Cambridge Sunday 2nd May

Whakatane Saturday 24th April

Add a 'nerve settler' session - 30 minutes $50

Bike, helmet, gloves and Hi-vis vest provided.

What to bring:

Photo ID
Long trousers 
Long sleeved jacket top (lightweight for summer!) 
Sturdy footwear
Wet weather gear if necessary

Learners training rides

Learner rider skills and confidence course: $125

Cambridge Wednesday 7th April

Rotorua Saturday 10th April

I have my learners’, now what?
4 hours of on road training. Capped at 4 riders per group. Intercoms supplied Topics covered;

  • safety briefing
  • pre ride check
  • skills check
  • demonstrations
  • intersection techniques (closed, open, system)
  • braking
  • roundabouts
  • debrief

Progression to Restricted training rides

Restricted progression training rides $125

Cambridge Saturday 17th April 

Already riding but want to take the next step to your restricted?
4 hours of on road training. Intercoms supplied. Capped at 4 riders per group. Restricted assessments can be booked to follow training - please advise us at time of booking.

  • safety briefing
  • pre ride check
  • basic intersection refresher
  • town riding
  • Intro to open road
  • debrief

Restricted and Full Licences (CBTA)

Restricted Licence Assessment $175

Full Licence Assessment $130

Add Custom training/nerve settler - 30 minutes $50

Cambridge/Hamilton - Wednesdays

Rotorua - Thursdays 

Waihi - Fridays  (LAMS Approved Motorcycles available to rent for assessments and training)


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