Welcome to Revs Motorcycle Centre

Revs Motorcycle Centre has been operating for over 10 years and last year we opened a permanent training centre at 3 Fraser Street, in Paeroa, with a basic handling skills training & assessment area dedicated purely to motorcycle training.  We deliver learner, Restricted and Full licence assessments as well as custom and group training.

In September 2021 we added a shop selling motorcycle protective clothing and accessories for bikers.

We adopt a friendly, all welcome approach and encourage riders to use our base as a drop in/meeting point/rest and revive stop.

"We teach our students to ride safely and aim to give every rider skills for life, not just tips on how to pass a test"

3 Fraser Street, 


Winter Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday to Sunday - 9am to 4.00pm

How do I get my motorbike licence?

Complete your Basic Handling Skills Asssessment

Sit your Motorcycle Theory test at a licensing agent (AA or VTNZ) - 35 questions, 25 general, 10 motorcycle specific, must get 32/35 correct

Learners to Restricted - there is no waiting period with Revs Motorcycle Training.  The same process via a licencing agent, you must wait 6 months

Restricted to Full - with Revs Motorcycle Training you can complete you practical ride at 9 months and receive you full licence at 12 months.  Via licencing agent you must wait 18 months.

What our customers say

"Mark, you are a legend, meaning, for me, clear, concise, patient, thorough and very experienced at presenting knowledge to a wide range of participants. You take the time to explain and break technical information down to be understood in layman’s / laywomen’s terms. I have been able to come away from both sessions i have had with you thus far and share my learnings with my whānau i.e. Safety vs Stability vs Vision: I look forward to the next session we have, thank you very much"

"The best instructor I've ever come across, Mark makes sure your comfortable and at ease, while teaching you the necessary knowledge needed to ride on the road. Definitely recommend if you've never riden before, his vast knowledge and way of teaching you is the absolute best. Thank you Mark for helping my daughter and I to begin another dream"

“While the licence is just a requirement the training given to achieving holding it has made me rethink my riding style and become more safety conscious.”

“Mark is easy going and great at calming nerves, was altogether a great day out on the bike  I recommend the training to anyone, regardless of their rider ability or licence status.”

“Until meeting Mark and going through the defensive riding training he provides I was of the opinion that a little piece of plastic called a licence would not make me a better Bike rider, I stand corrected.”

Contact us

3 Fraser Street

Paeroa, 3600

Phone: 0800 687 387

Email: Bookings@Revs.co.nz

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