Are you ready to begin your journey to getting your motorcycle licence?

We teach to ride safely and aim to give all customers a skill for life, not just tips on how to pass a test

Learner riders

Basic Handling Skills - New Riders, Novice Riders, Assessments $90

Add a 'nerve settler' session - 30 minutes $50

Bike, helmet, gloves and Hi-vis vest provided.

Cambridge Sunday 7th March

Whakatane - Saturday 27th February

Rotorua - Sunday 28th February 

Cambridge - Sunday 21st March

Rotorua - Sunday 14th March

What to bring:

Photo ID
Long trousers 
Long sleeved jacket top (lightweight for summer!) 
Sturdy footwear
Wet weather gear if necessary

Learners training rides

Learner rider skills and confidence course: $125

Cambridge Saturday 20th March

Rotorua Saturday 10th April

I have my learners’, now what?
4 hours of on road training. Capped at 4 riders per group. Intercoms supplied Topics covered;
safety briefing

  • pre ride check
  • skills check
  • demonstrations
  • intersection techniques (closed, open, system)
  • braking
  • roundabouts
  • debrief

Progression to Restricted training rides

Restricted progression training rides $125

Cambridge Saturday 17th April 

Already riding but want to take the next step to your restricted?
4 hours of on road training. Intercoms supplied. Capped at 4 riders per group. Restricted assessments can be booked to follow training - please advise us at time of booking.

  • safety briefing
  • pre ride check
  • basic intersection refresher
  • town riding
  • Intro to open road
  • debrief

Restricted and Full Licences (CBTA) - available dates

Restricted Licence Assessment $175

Full Licence Assessment $130

Add Custom training/nerve settler - 30 minutes $50

Rotorua - Thursday 1st April

Waihi - Friday 5th March (bike hire available $50 - GW250)

Cambridge 17th March

How do I get my motorbike licence?

  1. Complete your Basic Handling Skills Asssessment
  2. Sit your Motorcyle Theory test at a licensing agent (AA or VTNZ) - 35 questions, 25 general, 10 motorcycle specific, must get 32/35 correct
  3. Learners to Restricted - no waiting period with Revs Motorcycle Training.  Via licencing agent, you must wait 6 months
  4. Restricted to Full - with Revs Motorcycle Training you can complete you practical ride at 9 months and receive you full licence at 12 months.  Via licencing agent you must wait 18 months.

Restricted and Full Licence Training and Assessment takes place in Rotorua, Waihi, Cambridge and Hamilton.


You should wear suitable protective clothing for riding at highway speeds and wet weather gear if necessary.

As well as the courses shown below, training can be tailored to your current level of experience and skills. ($100 p/hour)

If you do not have a Learner Approved Motorcycle (LAMS), in Waihi we can help provide you with a motorcycle for the assessment.  

Cambridge and Hamilton bike hire -  contact Andy Easterbrook, Honda Hamilton 07 838 9299

Rotorua bike hire - contact Bike Force 07 348 9171

You will need to bring:

  • Your Drivers Licence
  • Long trousers with good protection
  • Long sleeved jacket with good protection 
  • Gloves
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Wet weather gear if necessary
  • Approved Safety Helmet

"The best instructor I've ever come across, Mark makes sure your comfortable and at ease, while teaching you the necessary knowledge needed to ride on the road. Definitely recommend if you've never riden before, his vast knowledge and way of teaching you is the absolute best. Thank you Mark for helping my daughter and I to begin another dream"

“While the licence is just a requirement the training given to achieving holding it has made me rethink my riding style and become more safety conscious.”

“Mark is easy going and great at calming nerves, was altogether a great day out on the bike.”

“I recommend the training to anyone, regardless of their rider ability or licence status.”

“Until meeting Mark and going through the defensive riding training he provides I was of the opinion that a little piece of plastic called a licence would not make me a better Bike rider, I stand corrected.”

Mark and Jo were awesome to deal with. Mark is such an informed and respectful instructor- especially for a POM, jokes. He was fantastical. I'll be back for my other upskilling!

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